EOS Prize

EOS Prize 2013

As every year, all EOS members are invited to propose a publication to be considered for the EOS Prize.

Nomination for the EOS Prize 2013 is closed.

2013 EOS Prize Committee

Chair:    Hervé Lefèvre (France)

EOS Prize 2012

In 2012, the JEOS:RP paper on
“Low cost production of computer-generated holograms: from design to optical evaluation” was awarded the EOS Prize at the Annual General Assembly 2012 in Aberdeen, Scotland (UK).



The history of the EOS Prize

Thanks to Pierre Zaleski, the former administrator of Europtica Services IC (ESIC), EOS has received a donation from the capital remaining after the dissolution of ESIC. According to the wishes expressed by ESIC, this donation will be managed in such a way as to generate revenue to be used for an EOS prize to promote OPTICS in the widest form in Europe. Further details of the rules and condition are given here.

  • Download the list of EOS Prize Winners (1996-2012) (as PDF)



European Optical Society (EOS)
Chairman of the EOS Prize Committee
Dr. Hervé Lefèvre
Email: lefevre @ myeos.org

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