1st EPS Conference: Physics for Development

Palais des Académies, Brussels, Belgium
11 October 2012 - 12 October 2012

This new conference in this domain has been established:

  • to foster collective ambition for solidarity, physics is actually well behind other scientific communities
  • counterbalancing the lack of funding  for development due to bad economics in Europe environment
  • as state of the art of international cooperation : SESAME , DESERTEC, UNESCO, ICTP, IUPAP, EU, CERN, African PHysical Society, African Laser Center
  • recycling recent technological breakthroughs for use in development
  • publicizing creative ideas like component mining
  • showing the impact of science for daily life
  • to offer new ways to think about scientific instrumentation : generic instruments
  • creating an African Instrumentation Award etc.
For more information on the 1st EPS Conference: Physics for Development, please visit the official event website: http://www.epsphysicsfordevelopment.org/