12th Education and Training Optics and Photonics conference (ETOP' 2013)

University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
23 July 2013 - 26 July 2013

The  12th Education  and  Training  in  Optics  and Photonics  Conference, ETOP’2013  is  being
jointly organized by Portugal’ and Tunisia’ Territorial Committees of ICO and will be held at
Faculty of Science of the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal on July 23 to 26, 2013.  

ETOP’  2013  is  collocated  and  will  run  in  parallel  and  in  an  articulated  way  with
RIAO/OPTILAS’2013, the VIII Iberoamerican Optics Meeting and XI Latinamerican Meeting on
Optics, Lasers and Applications

ETOP is a reference biennial conference that brings together the international community of
optics and photonics educators, the academia and the industry, from all around the world to
share  experiences  and  information  about  learning  and  teaching  optics  and  photonics  at  all
levels. The teaching of optics and photonics, critical fields at the core of today's world-wide
scientific and technological infrastructure, must continually be upgraded and renewed in order
to  meet  the  growing  demands  of  research,  science  and  industry  for  the  sake  of  the
sustainable development of our world and humankind.  

It  is  the  goal  of this  international conference to  bring  together  leading  optics  and  photonics
scientists technicians and educators from all levels and orientations to share experiences and
knowledge  to  discuss,  demonstrate  and  learn  about  new  developments  and  approaches  to
teaching in these fields. Through presentations, panel discussions, workshops and exhibits, it
is  the  intent  of  this  conference  to  inform  professors,  students,  teachers  and  professional
trainers on how to promote the learning of optics and photonics for the future.  

Contributions in all relevant fields will be accepted:
  • Optics and Photonics Curricula
  • Advances in Optics and Photonics Teaching and Training
  • Teaching Optics for Other Disciplines
  • Inter- and  Multidisciplinary  Applications
  • Optics  and  Photonics  Training  for  the  Real  World
  • Academia/Industry  Interaction
  • Education  in  Optics  and  Photonics  for  Industry,
  • Entrepreneurship ...

For further details, please visit the official event website: www.optica.pt/etop2013.