ILISIS Symposium (International Light Simulation Symposium)

Nuremberg, Germany
7 March 2012 - 8 March 2012

 ILISIS Symposium (International Light Simulation Symposium)

Date:  7-8 March 2012,  to be held biennially
Location:  Nuremberg, Germany 

Throughout the past few years light simulation has been a fast growing method to accelerate the development process of components for the lighting industry. Most companies that have used light simulation in the development process are working not only with one, but with several different light simulation products. Independent of the simulation software used, the fundamental questions are virtually the same: how to realistically model the world?

International Light Simulation Symposium (ILISIS) (7th / 8th of March 2012, Nuremberg, Germany) has the intention to bring together the light simulation software developers and their users. It is an opportunity for a scientific exchange about experiences in modelling optical behavior.

Call for Papers is now officially closed. We have received 42 more than interesting abstracts. The ILISIS steering board has reviewed all abstracts and just published the program of the symposium.

We would be proud to welcome you soon in Nuremberg and are looking forward to receiving your registration.  

If you have no time to visit the symposium, but are interested in the presented content, you can already subscribe at amazon for ordering the Conference Proceedings.

Organisator:  Steinbeis Transfer Center (STC) Applied Lighting Technology
Contact:  Prof. Alexander von Hoffmann