Son et Lumiere 2017: Combining Light and Sound at the Nanoscale

Les Houches, France
17 April 2017 - 28 April 2017

  Son et Lumière 2017 The “Son et Lumière” school, which has taken place every two years since 2006, aims at gathering various scientific communities working on acoustics, optics, quantum optomechanics, thermal transport in condensed matter and nanomaterials. The school provides in-depth tutorial lectures for PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and researchers that covers:
  • Ultrafast Phononics (picosecond acoustics, coherent acoustic and optical phonons)
  • Phononic crystal (superlattices, bands structures calculations)
  • Acoustic Vibrations of Nanostructures (Quantum dots, Membranes, Nanowires, …)
  • Thermal Transport (Time Domain Thermoreflectance, Phonon Mean Free Path …)
  • Quantum Opto-Mechanics
  • Light Scattering (Brillouin and Raman Scattering)
  • Innovative electronic devices based on phonon control at the nanoscale
  • Applications of these techniques to biology and metrology