EOS Topical Meeting on Diffractive Optics 2017 (DO2017)

Kerubi restaurant, Siltakatu 1, 80100 Joensuu, Finland
4 September 2017 - 7 September 2017


A limited number of post-deadline posters that report on latest discoveries in the field of diffractive optics can be accepted in the program. Such contributions can be submitted at any time before the start of the meeting.


CALL for papers (pdf)


On Monday, September 4
14:00 – 18:45 Registration desk open in restaurant Kerubi (Siltkakatu 1)


Important Dates

  • Conference dates: September 4 – 7
  • Abstract submission: closed (excl. post-deadline posters)
  • Abstract submission extended deadline: June 14
  • Abstract acceptance notification: June 21
  • Early-bird registration deadline: July 3
  • Registration deadline: July 24
  • Late/on-site registration starting July 25
  • Hotel conference pricing due date: August 4


Abstract Submission

  • Abstracts are submitted online via Conftool (https://www.conftool.com/do2017)
  • Authors are requested to submit a two-page abstract, which is formatted according to the EOS abstract guidelines. Both Word or LaTeX templates are available.
  • Indicate the preference format of your presentation (oral/poster) in the submission procedure in Conftool.
  • All accepted contributions are to be published on the Diffractive Optics digest USB (ISBN numbered) which will be available on-site. The Authors retain the copyright of their abstracts.
  • At least one author is requested to register for the meeting.

Historical perspectives

This topical meeting series on diffractive optics was established by the present program co-chairs in 1995, with the inaugural meeting in Prague. The series continued on a biennial basis with meetings held in Savonlinna (1997), Jena (1999), Budapest (2001), Oxford (2003), Warsaw (2005), Barcelona (2007), Koli (2010), and Delft (2012). In 2014 and 2016 the Diffractive Optics meeting was arranged as a part of EOSAM. Recently, however, a decision was made by EOS to re-establish it as an independent EOS Topical Meeting, again to be held biennially.

From the beginning, these topical meetings have gathered an audience of roughly 100-150 attendees, some of whom have participated in the meetings from the start. Again, our intention is to organize an informal, working-shop-like gathering of like-minded people, respecting the old traditions but also expanding the scope according to recent developments in the field.

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Scope of the meeting

The scope of the meeting covers all fundamental and applied aspects of diffractive optics and related fields. The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental theory
  • Diffraction gratings: theory and applications
  • Focusing, shaping, and splitting of light
  • Field tracing models
  • Subwavelength structures, metamaterials, and plasmonics
  • Source modeling; partially coherent and broadband fields
  • Polarization effects
  • Diffractive optics at short wavelengths
  • Temporal diffractive optics
  • Virtual reality
  • Industrial and commercial applications

Organizing Committee

  • Tero Setälä (chair, University of Eastern Finland)
  • Hannele Karppinen (secretary, EOS representative)
  • Elina Koistinen (EOS representative)
  • Jyrki Saarinen (EOS representative)
  • Juha Purmonen (Joensuu Science Park)

 International Program Committee

  • Jari Turunen (co-chair, Finland)
  • Frank Wyrowski (co-chair, Germany)
  • Benfeng Bai (China)
  • Pierre Chavel (France)
  • Hans Peter Herzig (Switzerland)
  • Hiroyuki Ichikawa (Japan)
  • Jürgen Jahns (Germany)
  • Bernard Kress (USA)
  • Irina Livshits (Russia)
  • Paul Urbach (Netherlands)
  • Jesús Lancis (Spain)

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Invited Speakers

  • Robert Brunner, Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, Germany
  • Ernst-Bernhard Kley, Friedrich-Schiller Universität Jena, Germany
  • Lifeng Li, Tsinghua University, China
  • Victor Torres-Company, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
  • Xiacong Yuan, Shenzhen University, China


Information for presenters

Oral presentations

  • Lengths of presentations: invited talks 25 min + 5 min for questions, contributed talks 17 min + 3 min for questions. Please, prepare your talk to meet these time limits.
  • You can use your own laptop computer. Both Windows (HDMI connector) and Mac computers (adapter available) are allowed. Alternatively, you may bring your presentation in a memory stick (pdf format with fonts embedded) and use a Windows-based presentation computer of the session hall. If you use the stick, put your presentation file to the session hall computer before the session starts. Laptops with VGA connection are not supported.
  • Equipment in the session hall: Windows-based presentation computer, data projector, Mac adapter, laser pointer, headset microphone, and handheld microphone.

Poster presentations

  • Poster size is A0 (portrait).
  • Poster numbers will be displayed on the poster boards and pins will be provided by the organizers.
  • Poster set-up starting from Tuesday (Sep 5) morning. Posters can be put in place during the coffee/lunch breaks. Poster removal latest at Thursday (Sep 7) after the closure of the meeting.


The conference will be held in Joensuu, Finland, a part of the Lake District and Region of North Karelia. The venue is Kerubi, a lively restaurant located in Ilosaari (ilo=joy, saari=island) island in the middle of the city. The beautiful island is surrounded by rapids and a lagoon that was built in the 1950s concurrently with Karjalantalo (Karelia house) which now is occupied by Kerubi. Today the building serves as a popular music clubhouse and a conference venue with youngish atmosphere.

In addition to the scientific program, the attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the region and experience some of the local traditions and delicacies.

Photo: Carelia design

Joensuu – a River City

Joensuu is a vibrant and growing regional center which has a great deal to offer: the Karelian lifestyle, a city center with a multiplicity of services, and the Pielisjoki River flowing through it with its many possibilities. The urban lifestyle and quiet rural areas live side by side in Joensuu.

All at once Joensuu is a high-tech center, a thriving rock music city (Ilosaari rock in July), the Karelian marketplace, and the silence of the wilderness, all along the border.


Welcome to Joensuu!

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Registration Fees

Registration fees

(until July 3, 2017)

(during July 4 – July 24)
(starting July 25)
*excl. VAT/ **incl. 24% VAT *excl. VAT/ **incl. 24% VAT *excl. VAT/ **incl. 24% VAT
Members 395,16 € / 490 € 435,48 € / 540 € 475,81 € / 590 €
Non-member 451,61 € / 560 € 483,87 € / 600 € 516,13 € / 640 €
Student Member 201,61 € / 250 € 225,81 € / 280 € 250 €  / 310 €
Student Non-Member 250 € / 310 € 274,19 € / 340 € 298,39 € / 370 €
One-day 161,29 € / 200 € 185,48 € / 230 € 209,68 € / 260 €
Fee includes the scientific program, coffee breaks, lunches, welcome reception on Monday, Sept. 4th and excursion on Wednesday, Sept. 6.
Accompanying persons** 145,16 € / 180 € Fee includes welcome reception on Monday, Sept. 4th and excursion with dinner on Wednesday, Sept. 6 only.
*VAT excluded for Non-EU companies, EU companies and businesses (except Finland) with VAT number. EU companies and businesses with VAT number: reverse charge for VAT payment applied according to the Finnish VAT act §65 and EU VAT directive articles 44 and 196.
If you are entitled to VAT excluded price, you are required to either announce the VAT number or your nationality (if outside EU) when registering.
**Private persons, companies, and businesses in Finland with VAT number: VAT 24% added, according to the Finnish VAT act §69H.



We have room for seven booths next to the lunch and coffee area.

After registration, you will receive an email containing the registration confirmation. The payment methods are bank transfer and credit card. If you prefer bank transfer, you will get instructions and a link to invoice with the confirmation email.
3 Day Registration Fee
Deadline July 24, 2017

  • EOS member company 1300 EUR
  • Others 1500 EUR

Prices above plus 24% VAT if applicable
Full registration fee covers:

  • single person participation to the whole DO2017 event including welcome reception and excursion
  • booth area 2 x 3 m
  • desk 70 x 120 cm with 2 chairs, electricity, waste pin
  • one-page color advertisement in the DO2017 proceedings
  • company logo with a link to the company web site at the DO2017 web site
  • after registration, please, send your advertisement, logo and web link to the conference secretary (karppinen@myeos.org)

1 Day Registration Fee
Deadline July 24, 2017

  • EOS member company EUR 700
  • Others EUR 900

Prices above plus 24% VAT if applicable
Registration covers:

  • single person participation with daily meals and refreshments
  • booth area 2 x 3 m
  • desk 70 x 120 cm with 2 chairs, electricity, waste pin
  • one-page color advertisement in the DO2017 proceedings
  • company logo with a link to the company web site at the DO2017 web site
  • after registration, please, send your advertisement, logo and web link to the conference secretary (karppinen@myeos.org)


More visibility

Companies participating as an exhibitor (and others) have an opportunity to gain extra visibility as a sponsor of the conference by making a small financial contribution. The following options are available as first come-first served:

  1. Half-page advertisement containing company logo, name, and web address on the rear cover of the conference hand program
    -250 EUR, only two companies  

  2. A roll-up poster at a visible place near or in the conference hall
    -200 EUR, number of companies not limited 

  3. Other sponsoring form suggested by the company
    (for example: bags, writing pads, pens, lanyards with company logo)

Prices above plus 24% VAT if applicable

Companies interested in the sponsor options, please, contact the conference secretary (do2017@myeos.org).

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Conference Excursion

On Wednesday we will have a conference excursion to the Lake District of Finland. We will pass one of the most famous natural attractions in Finland, the Punkaharju ridge and proceed to the town of Savonlinna to visit one of the greatest medieval war castles ever built. Before returning to Joensuu, we will enjoy the conference dinner in the castle restaurant.



Workshop on Fast Physical Optics Modeling with VirtualLab Fusion Software

LightTrans GmbH will arrange a workshop in Thursday evening of September 7 after the conference. The event will be scheduled so that the participants can reach the last plane from Joensuu on Thursday evening. More information is available here.

Getting to Joensuu

There are several daily flights and train connections between Helsinki and Joensuu:

The flight time is about one hour and the train takes some four hours. Finnair buses connect Joensuu airport and the center of town, and they serve each arriving flight:

If you wish to continue by train from Helsinki, please first take a local train from the airport to the Tikkurila station and enter the long-distance train there:

Alternatively, if you wish to stay in Helsinki on the way, just take the same local train to the city center. If coming by rail from the direction of St. Petersburg, it is convenient to exchange trains in Kouvola and take one traveling towards Joensuu. The Joensuu railway station is located within walking distance from the downtown hotels (Hotel Kimmel is opposite to it).

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There are several hotels in various price ranges in downtown Joensuu within an easy reach from the conference venue such as

Sokos hotel Kimmel
Itäranta 1, 80100 Joensuu

94 € person/day/standard single room
57 € person/day/standard double room
extra bed +25 €/person/day
114€ person/day/single superior room
67 € person/day/double superior room
Extra bed +25€/person/day
Make reservations using email: kimmel.joensuu@sokoshotels.fi or phone +358 20 1234 663
Booking reference: BDO2017. Deadline August 4, 2017 to get the conference pricing.
Prices include accommodation, buffee breakfast, sauna with swimming pool in the evening.
Parking 1,30 €/hour or 11€/day
Sokos hotel Vaakuna
Torikatu 20, 80100 Joensuu
95 € person/day/standard single room
57,50 € person/day/standard double room
extra bed +25 €/person/day
115€ person/day/single superior room
67,50 € person/day/double superior room
Extra bed +25€/person/day
Make reservations using email: vaakuna.joensuu@sokoshotels.fi or phone +358 10 7823 100
Booking reference: BDO2017. Deadline August 4, 2017 to get the conference pricing.
Prices include accommodation, buffee breakfast, sauna with whirlpool bath in the evening.
Parking 11 €/ day.
Hotel Greenstar Joensuu
Torikatu 16, 80100 Joensuu
Room price 60 e/day, 1 - 3 persons in a room
Breakfast 8 e/person/day
Car parking 8 e/day
Make reservations using email: info@greenstar.fi Booking reference: BDO2017
Deadline August 4, 2017 to get the conference pricing.
Other hotels in Joensuu:
Cumulus Joensuu: https://www.cumulus.fi/en
Aada: http://www.hotelaada.fi/engindex.htm

Weather forecast

Weather in Joensuu  http://www.foreca.com/Finland/Joensuu
Weather in Savonlinna  http://www.foreca.com/Finland/Savonlinna



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