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Stand number: 22

c/o Acreo AB
Electrum 236
164 40 Kista

Ms. Petra Bindig

PhotonicSweden was founded in 2011 as an economic association. Currently, PhotonicSweden has 48 company and institutional members, and 86 personal members. PhotonicSweden aims

  • To be the voice of the Swedish Photonics industry towards the Public, the Government and foreign and European organisations.
  • To formulate national R&D agendas in Photonics for innovation and growth.
  • To increase the collaboration between photonics industry, academia and institutes.

PhotonicSweden shall catalyze fruitful cooperation between companies, universities, and institutes in the field of optics and photonics in Sweden and across the national borders.

PhotonicSweden shall be a natural partner for Swedish and European funders and investors for product development and research.

PhotonicSweden shall contribute to a healthy regrowth of engineers in optics and photonics.

PhotonicSweden shall increase the awareness among the general public and politicians of the strategic importance of optics and photonics for the future of Sweden.