Simulation of laser systems with VirtualLab

The field tracing software VirtualLab offers a variety of methods for the analysis and optimization of laser systems and laser resonators. The modeling of light and of its propagation through systems is based on an electro-magnetic concept. Consequently the simulation includes diffraction, interference, aberrations, polarization and vectorial effects. Systems with nano- and micro-structures can be simulated. Enhanced source modeling allows the modeling of coherent and partially coherent sources including single- and multi-mode lasers, excimer lasers and ultrashort pulses. The Laser Resonator Toolbox provides methods for the analysis of transversal eigenmodes of stable, unstable and ring resonators. As one of the recent developments the beam propagation method (BPM) can be used for the simulation of non-linear gain saturation effects inside active media.  The modeling of the inhomogeneous pump light distribution and analysis of its effects in the resonator is both provided and combined in VirtualLab.  Based on the solution of the laser rate equations VirtualLab allows the calculation of the resonator output power. VirtualLab provides methods for tolerancing and optimization of laser systems.