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SPINNER  rotary joints  are mainly used in civilian and military radar systems as well as in communications systems. All major German airports are equipped with our products to ensure the air control systems have reliable RF transmission. SPINNER offers a broad range of advanced coaxial, optical and waveguide components for radar - and communication systems.

To develop the fiber optic rotary joints, SPINNER has been able to fall back on more than 20 years of experience in the field of optical transmission systems. As a significant supplier of complex optical  systems, we have the necessary knowledge to optimize the critical assembly processes. We are proficient in the packaging of integrated circuits, which is needed to adjust and fix the optical components with micrometer precision.

The shown  single mode single channel fiber optic rotary joint was consistently trimmed to a low insertion loss with a concurrently high reflection loss. Over the entire range of usage temperatures between -32 °C and +71 °C with the two optical transmission bands at 1310 nm and 1550 nm, the insertion loss is a maximum of 1 dB with an equivalent variation of ±0.25 dB. The return loss is 55 dB.

Multi-channel fiber optic rotary joints are used wherever several analogue or digital signals need to be transmitted in a non-contacting manner at the same time for rotating applications without reciprocal influence.  SPINNER produces the smallest 6-channel fiber optic rotary joint worldwide.

As a leading manufacturer of RF rotary joints, SPINNER can offer combinations of RF rotary joints, contact rings, media feed-through and fiber optic rotary joints, together with gigabit LAN transmissions and DC/DC-converters. For more than 10 years, pre-combined RF and fiber optic rotary joints from SPINNER have been integrated successfully into the systems of our customers.

DC/DC-Converter with fiber optic rotary joint