High-sensitive CCD cameras with low readout noise performance

Saturday, May 17, 2014
greateyes introduces its next generation portfolio of scientific, cooled cameras for imaging and spectroscopy. High sensitive CCD cameras are now available as large format detectors with a sensor size of 2048 x 2048 pixels. Significantly reduced readout noise performance is the outcome of an improved readout electronic. At readout speeds of 500kHz, greateyes cameras achieve a total read-noise performance of minimum 2.4 electrons per pixel. Other vendors reported similar noise performance only at pixel readout speeds below 50kHz. Therefore, readout noise can be kept with greateyes cameras at low levels even at higher readout speeds. 

The advancements of the next CCD camera generation portfolio provides high efficient detectors for a multitude of applications, e.g. EUV lithographie, x-ray simaging, x-ray diffraction,  x-ray spectroscopy and phase contrast imaging.