3rd EOS Conference on Manufacturing of Optical Components (EOSMOC 2013)

International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), Germany
13 May 2013 - 15 May 2013
Submission Timeframe: 
9 January 2013 - 23 January 2013
General Chair(s): 
  • Klaus-Friedrich Beckstette - Carl Zeiss AG / Germany
  • Paul Comley - Cranfield University / United Kingdom
Program Committee: 
  • Olivier Acher - Horiba Scientific / France
  • Lutz Aschke - LIMO - Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH / Germany
  • Jean-Michel Asfour - Dioptic GmbH / Germany
  • Stefan Bäumer - TNO / Netherlands
  • Andreas Bräuer - Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics And Precision Engineering IOF / Germany
  • Keith Carlisle - Cranfield University / United Kingdom
  • Oliver Fähnle - FISBA Optik AG / Switzerland


EOSMOC 2013 is held under the umbrella of the WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS 2013, the leading international congress for optical technologies in Europe (12 - 16 May 2013).




Advancements in technology and innovative manufacturing processes are crucial for optical sector growth in today's global markets. Markets with high developmental momentum include the energy and semiconductor, life sciences, health care and the agri-food industries. Optical technologies play a crucial role in these markets, the importance of sophisticated but economically priced optical components being vital to new products and applications.

The 3rd EOS Conference on Manufacturing of Optical Components, EOSMOC 2013, will highlight significant technology trends, emerging technologies and associated prospective developments. This meeting provides a forum for all aspects of optics fabrication and testing, ranging from micro to large-scale optics and from high value one-off to mass-produced components.

Held in conjunction with the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013 trade fair, one of the worlds largest for optics, it will be a unique opportunity for the exchange of information with renowned researchers, scientists, engineers and professionals from all over Europe!



Advance Programme

Download the advance programme at:
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I. High-Volume Manufacturing of Optical Components

  • Wafer level optics
  • Glass molding
  • Polymer molding
  • Optical design for molded optics
  • Modules made from molded optics

(application: LED, Solar, Optoelektronik, Mikrofluidik, Opthalmologie)


  • Stefan Bäumer, TNO, NL
  • Andreas Fischer, AIM Micro Systems GmbH, DE

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II. Latest Advances in Freeform Optics

  • Alignment processes and systems for complex optical systems
  • Freeform optics design theory and method
  • Freeform optics application in optical imaging and lighting system
  • Processes and machines for freeform optical elements
  • Freeform surface descriptions, optimization algorithms and techniques
  • Monolithic optics
  • Data exchange chain for freeform production


  • Sven Kiontke, asphericon, DE
  • Wilhelm Ulrich, Carl Zeiss AG, DE

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III. Micro-Optics and Structured Surfaces

  • µ-optics for illumination systems and laser beam shaping
  • Manufacturing technologies: mastering, tooling, replication
  • Lithographic processing and  etching
  • Diffractive optics element design and fabrication
  • µ-optics on curved substrates
  • Smart micro-optics incl. multilayered coatings
  • Gratings and holographic optical elements
  • Fabrication and packaging of micro-optical components
  • Characterization of micro-optical elements
  • Micro-optics in display and spectroscopy
  • Integration of silicon and glass-based components
  • Gratings / µ-optics with low stray light
  • Micro-texturing technologies
  • Nanoimprint lithography
  • Plastic (organic electronics) imprint technologies


  • Alexandre Gatto, Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH, DE
  • Reinhard Völkel, SUSS MicroOptics, CH

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IV. Precise Optics Fabrication

  • Abrasive processes and machines
    • (Ductile) grinding of molds
  • Lasers as manufacturing tools
  • Local polishing and figuring techniques
    • Ion beam figuring and polishing
    • Plasma processes
    • Jet polishing
    • Polishing of molds for glass molding
    • Replication technologies
  • Diamond machining and machines
    • Single point cutting
    • Fly cutting
    • Micro milling
  • Reflection and diffraction hybrid optical element and system technology


  • Oliver Fähnle, FISBA Optik AG, CH
  • Axel Schindler, Leibniz-Institute of Surface Modification - IOM, DE

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V. Testing for Fabrication and Assembly

  • Measurement of aspheric and freeform optical surfaces
  • Measurement of micro-structured surfaces for optical element fabrication
  • In-process/in-machine measurement for improved optical production
  • Calibration of measurements on high precision optical surfaces
  • Generation and measurement of fiducials over the whole production chain
  • Metrology for wafer level assembly processes
  • Structured surfaces and optical film measurement
  • Metrology tools for assembly and alignment


  • Jean-Michel Asfour, Dioptic GmbH, DE
  • Rainer Tutsch, IPROM, Technische Universität Braunschweig, DE

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Keynote Speakers

  • Rob Bergmans, VSL - Dutch Metrology Institute, NL
  • Ekkard Brinksmeier, University Bremen, DE
  • Ando Makoto, Light Engine Limited, CN


Invited Speakers

  • Jan Heiko Hamkens, Docter Optics, DE
  • Alois Herkommer, Universität Stuttgart, DE
  • Massimiliano Rossi, Media Lario Technology, IT
  • Uwe Zeitner, Fraunhofer IOF, DE

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Abstract submission

The submission is closed. Notifications to authors have been already sent on 8 February.


Dates and deadlines

  • Notification to authors: 8 February 2013
  • Publication of the advance programme: End of February 2013
  • Deadline for early-bird registration: 22 April 2013

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Information for poster presenters

Poster size: 100 cm (W) x150 cm (H)

Set-up/dismanteling: Poster numbers will be displayed on the poster boards to show authors where to place their poster. Material for poster set-up will be provided by the organiser.
Poster authors are requested to be present at their posters during the official poster session. Please prepare and print your poster in advance to the conference. Poster set-up and removal is in the responsibility of the authors. Any posters left on the boards at the close of the poster session will be discarded.

Paper publication in JEOS:RP

Attendees of EOSMOC 2013 receive a 20% discount on the publication rate for the Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications (JEOS:RP). The paper submitted must be an original contribution that is connected to this conference and must be submitted no later than 30 June 2013.

JEOS:RP is a peer-reviewed open-access journal which is listed with ISI Journal Citation Reports [www.jeos.org]. The 2011 Impact Factor: 1.019


Special publication fee for standard papers of EOS attendees

  • 280 € (instead of 350 €) for full EOS members
  • 320 € (instead of 400 €) for non EOS members

For further information please see: www.jeos.org/forms/AuthorGuide.pdf

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Venue, Travel and Accomodation


ICM - International Congress Centre Munich
Am Messesee
81829 Munich

The ICM is one of the most modern congress centers in the world. It is integrated into the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, located in Munich.





Due to Munich’s excellent infrastructure, the ICM can easily be reached with the public transport.

Underground U2 goes directly to the ICM ("Messestadt West" station) and runs from 4:12 to about 1:00 after midnight.

For more information, please go to the World of Photonics website: Getting there






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Pre-registration is closed, please register on-site at the EOS counter in the entrance hall.

At least one author of an accepted contribution is requested to register properly in advance to the conference. Speakers at “Manufacturing of Optical Components” need to register with EOS.

The registration includes:

  • Free admission to all conferences of the WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS 2013
  • Free admission to the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2013 exhibition
  • Free coffee breaks on all conference days
  • Free EOS conferences digest CD-ROM (not included in student and one-day registration)


Early-bird registration

until 22 April 2013


Universities, private persons,
German and Non-EU companies and non-university research institutes

EU companies and
EU non-university research institutes
(except Germany)

Early-bird registration
for members

 510.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 428,58 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Early-bird registration
for non-members

 630.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 529,41 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Early-bird registration
for student members

 150.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 126,05 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Early-bird registration
for student non-members

 190.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 159,67 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Early-bird registration
for one-day

 230.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 193,28 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)



Late/on-site registration

Universities, private persons,
German and Non-EU companies and non-university research institutes

EU companies and
EU non-university research institutes
(except Germany)

Late/on-site registration
for members

 590.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 495.80 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Late/on-site registration
for non-members

 710.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 596.64 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Late/on-site registration
for student members

 195.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 163.87 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Late/on-site registration
for student non-members

 230.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 193.28 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

Late/on-site registration
for one-day

 290.00 € (incl. 19% VAT)

 243.70 € (excl. VAT, VAT no. required)

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Invitation Letters

If you require an invitation letter for this meeting, please log on to the EDAS system. On the welcome page you will have the opportunity to create an invitation letter which you can print immediately.
Please click there on the corresponding button (looking like the icon to the left).


Sponsoring and advertising

Interested in presenting your products at this EOS conference?
Then download the sponsor‘s and advertiser‘s guide and the reservation form. Or contact munich@myeos.org to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.



EOS-Events & Services GmbH
Garbsener Landstraße 10
30419 Hannover, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)511 277 2676
Fax: +49 (0)511 277 2699
Email: munich@myeos.org

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