1st EOS Conference on Optofluidics (EOSOF 2011)

International Congress Centre Munich (ICM), Germany
23 May 2011 - 25 May 2011
Submission Timeframe: 
6 December 2010 - 12 January 2011
General Chair(s): 
  • Demetri Psaltis - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne / Switzerland
  • David Erickson - Cornell University / United States
Program Committee: 
  • Ken Crozier - Harvard University / United States
  • Kishan Dholakia - University of St. Andrews / United Kingdom
  • David Erickson - Cornell University / United States
  • Anders Kristensen - Technical University of Denmark / Denmark
  • Sunghoon Kwon - Seoul National University / Korea, Republic of
  • Demetri Psaltis - Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne / Switzerland
  • Dominik Rabus - University of California, Santa Cruz / United States
  • Holger Schmidt - University of California / United States
  • David Sinton - University of Toronto / Canada

Optical devices which incorporate liquids as a fundamental part of the structure can be traced as far back as the 18th century where rotating pools of mercury were put forth as a simple technique to create smooth spherical mirrors for use in reflecting telescopes.  The evolution of modern microfluidics has enabled the development of a present day equivalent of such devices centered on the marriage of fluidics and optics which has come to be known as Optofluidics. EOSOF 2011 is held under the umbrella of the WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS 2011 (22 - 26 May 2011).


Focus of the conference

The focus of this conference will be to explore new developments in the field of optofluidics.  Potential topics include (but are not limited to) microfluidic lasers, fluid-fluid waveguides, microfluidically tuned optical fiber and interferometers, fluid paper, high resolution in-chip lensless microscopy, optical and photonic tweezers and high sensitivity biomolecular sensor platforms. Research in all application areas are sought, however those of particular interest include reconfigurable photonics, energy application of optofluidics, novel display technologies and biomedical optofluidics.


Optofluidics is held under the umbrella of the WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS 2011, Munich (DE), the leading international congress for optical technologies in Europe and will be held from 22 - 26 May 2011. [www.world-of-photonics.net]




Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Microfluidic lasers
  • Fluid-fluid waveguides
  • Microfluidically tuned optical fiber and interferometers
  • Fluid paper
  • High resolution in-chip lensless microscopy
  • Optical and photonic tweezers
  • High sensitivity biomolecular sensor platforms
  • and specific application areas: reconfigurable photonics, energy application of optofluidics, novel display technologies, biomedical optofluidics

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Keynote speakers

  • Mordechai Segev, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology / Israel
  • Ming Wu, University of California, Berkeley / United States


Invited Speakers

  • Charles Baroud, Ecole Polytechnique, LadHyX / France
  • Romeo Bernini, IREA-CNR / Italy
  • Jean-Pierre Delville, CPMOH / University of Bordeaux 1, CNRS / France
  • Pietro Ferraro, Istituto Nazionale di Ottica Applicata - CNR / Italy
  • Christian Karnutsch, University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe / Germany
  • Timo Mappes, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KIT / Germany
  • Olivier Martin, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - EPFL / Switzerland
  • Markus Pollnau, University of Twente / Netherlands
  • Romain Quidant, ICFO - Institute of Photonic Sciences / Spain
  • Oliver Schmidt, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden / Germany
  • David Sinton, University of Victoria / Canada
  • Michael Vellekoop, Vienna University of Technology / Austria

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Paper publication in JEOS:RP

Attendees of this EOSOF 2011 receive a 20% discount on the publication rate for the Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications (JEOS:RP). The paper submitted must be an original contribution that is connected to this conference and must be submitted no later than 29 July 2011.

JEOS:RP is a peer-reviewed open-access journal which is listed with ISI Journal Citation Reports [www.jeos.org].


Special publication rates for the attendees of EOSOF 2011:

  • 320 € (instead of 400 €) for non-members
  • 280 € (instead of 350 €) for full-members

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Venue, Travel and Accomodation


ICM - International Congress Centre Munich
Am Messesee
81829 Munich

The ICM is one of the most modern congress centers in the world. It is integrated into the New Munich Trade Fair Centre, located in Munich.





Due to Munich’s excellent infrastructure, the ICM can easily be reached with the public transport.

Underground U2 goes directly to the ICM ("Messestadt West" station) and runs from 5:30 to 24:00.

For more information, please go to the World of Photonics website: Getting there





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At least one author of an accepted contribution is requested to register properly in advance to the conference. Speakers at “Optofluidics” have to register with EOS. The registration for the EOS conference on Optofluidics includes admission to all conferences of the WORLD OF PHOTONICS CONGRESS 2011 as well as to the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2011 exhibition. Registration opens on 18 February 2011.

Registration options 




18/02 -  29/04/2011

from 30/04/2011

Full member 490 € 570 €
Non-member 610 € 690 €
Student member    105 € 150 €
Student non-member 145 € 185 €
One day 210 € 270 €


Special Tickets for Exhibitors

Each exhibitor participating in LASER World of PHOTONICS 2011 receives one free ticket* to the World of Photonics Congress. Beyond that, each exhibitor may purchase up to five tickets* to the World of Photonics Congress at a special rate. Please note: Both, free and special rate tickets are not valid for speakers at World of Photonics Congress 2011.

*May only be ordered and used by exhibiting companies. They are personalized and are only valid for the ticketholder. They are not transferrable. Congress proceedings are not included.

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Renate Rebmann (M.A.)
European Optical Society (EOS)
Communications and Event Manager

Hollerithallee 8
30419 Hannover

Phone: +49-511-2788-159
Fax: +49-511-2788-119

E-mail: munich@myeos.org

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