Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
20 April 2015 - 25 April 2015

Registration: Open: January 2015 Close: April 17 2015
Submission Date: Abstract: 6 October 2014 MSS: 23 April 2015
Venue Address: 1 W Pratt St, Baltimore, MD 21201

SPIE DSS hosts the most important science and engineering conferences and exhibition on optics, imaging, and sensing. Located in Baltimore's beautiful Inner Harbor, this leading industry event is not to be missed. 

The two major symposia are:

SPIE Defense + Security
Advanced Technology for a Safer World
Web URL: http://spie.org/defense-security.xml?WT.mc_id=RDEFCAW

SPIE Defense + Security has, for more than 20 years, featured conferences and courses on infrared systems, lidar and radar, laser technology, image processing, data analysis, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance systems (ISR), display technologies, unmanned systems and robots, CBRNE, cyber sensing and security, biometric technology, law enforcement, energy harvesting, and more.

SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications
Commercial, Industrial, and Scientific Advancements
Web URL: http://spie.org/sensing-technology-applications.xml?WT.mc_id=RSTACAW

SPIE Sensing Technology + Applications focuses on commercial sensing and imaging topics and further development of affordable technology options with civilian applications. This includes lasers, healthcare, thermo-sensing, spectroscopic sensing, detection in industrial applications, industrial robotics, machine vision, fiber optic sensors, food and water safety, process control, petrochemical explorations, earth and climate monitoring, photo-sensing, and more.