Munich, Germany
24 June 2019 - 27 June 2019

5th Conference on Optofluidics

Andreas Vasdekis,University of Idaho (US)
Demetri Psaltis, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH)

Optofluidics emerged approximately 10 years ago aiming at the fusion of integrated optics with microfluidics. Since then, a wealth of new scientific principles and technologies have emerged. Through this conference, the latest developments in Optofluidics will be explored, serving as one of the main meeting points of the international optofluidics community.
· Photonics
fundamental linear and non-linear optics, lasers, sensors, microscopy, optical tweezers
· Health and Biology
single-cell and single-molecule methods, drug delivery, ultra-high throughput screening
· Imaging
integration, time-stretching, image processing, big-data
· Handheld Devices
mHealth, portable diagnostics
· Energy – Environment
photobioreactors, biophysics, optofluidics of plants
· Transport
optics, microfluidics, computational methods
· Micro-Fabrication
prototyping, 3D and 4D particle generation, BioMEMS
· Hybrid Integration
integrated optics (SERS, waveguides, resonators), electronics, and applications
· Soft Matter
liquid crystals, vesicle photonics
· Industry
industrial applications, related technologies and products

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission opens end of November 2018.
Submission deadline in Spring 2019.

  • Abstracts are submitted online via Conftool (link to be provided)
  • Authors are requested to submit a two-page abstract, which is formatted according to the EOS abstract guidelines.
  • Indicate the preference format of your presentation (oral/poster) in the submission procedure in Conftool.
  • All accepted contributions are to be published on the EOS Optical Technologies proceedings (ISBN numbered) which will be available on-site. The Authors retain the copyright of their abstracts.
  • At least one author is requested to register for the meeting.


Paper Publication in JEOS:RP

Presenters at EOS Optical Technologies are kindly invited to consider the submission of a manuscript of their research to the EOS open-access on-line journal JEOS: RP (Journal of the European Optical Society, Rapid Publications, jeos.springeropen.com).
JEOS:RP publishes articles about recent scientific research and technological innovation as well as review papers about a topic in science or innovation from the recent past. A contribution should be original and will be subjected to the journal’s standard anonymous peer review process for scientific quality. The average time-to-publication of the journal is of the order of 75 days.