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Join the EOS as an associate member and become a part of the European optics and photonics community!

Benefits & Advantages


  • Free subscription to the Photonik International magazine (1 issue per year, published by AT-Fachverlag)
  • Free subscription to the Electro Optics Magazine published by Europa Science Ltd.Books
  • Free subscription to the Advanced Optical Technologies Journal (AOT) published by DeGruyter (starting beginning of 2012)


  • EOS member newsletter

Networking, EU Activities, Communication & Voting Rights

  • Membership in one or more EOS Focus Group(s) to connect with colleagues from your field of work.
  • Search other EOS members by interests
  • EU Activities: the EOS is as a member of the Photonics21 Technology Platform and keeps you informed about the activities of the platform and photonics research in Europe.
  • EOS email alias
  • Full voting rights

Upgrade to a full individual membership

By purchasing an upgrade to a full individual membership for 12.50€/year (see block on the right) you will be entitled to additional benefits:

Topical Meetings & Conferences

  • Reduced registration fees for all EOS events
  • Reduced registration fees for all EOS co-sponsored events


  • Reduced publication rates for JEOS:RP - the electronic Journal of the European Optical Society - Rapid Publications at


  • Postal communication from EOS