New ICT Work Programme 2011/2012 published

About 200 Mio. Euros Funding foreseen for Photonics and Organic Electronics
The DG Information Society and Media of the European Commission just published a newsletter which lists the Photonics & Organic Electronics related calls from the ICT Work Programme 2011 / 2012. 

More than 200 Mio. Euros are foreseen as funding addressing three dedicated objectives: Two are part of the ICT Challenge 3 (3.5 resp. 3.6.) and one is included in the ICT part of the “Factories of the Future” (FoF) Public-Private Partnership (PPP).
To get an overview we invite you to read the complete newsletter - please click on the following link: 
Furthermore, you can find more in depth information on the ICT-Photonics calls, their funding schemes and expected outcomes in the Extract from the ICT-Work Programme 2011-2012 which you will also find on the Photonics21 website: 
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