Results of the EOS Board Election 2010

The EOS Board Election 2010 has closed with the following results.

Five candidates named below are hereby elected to the Board of Directors of the European Optical Society.



  • Ralf Bergmann, Germany
  • Gunnar Björk, Sweden
  • Cornelia Denz, Germany (re-elected for a second term)
  • Carl Paterson, United Kingdom
  • Roberta Ramponi, Italy (re-elected for a second term)


Election statistics

No. of members who voted:  917   
Total number of votes cast:   2822
Average no. of votes cast per voter:  3.1

For comparison, in 2008, 693 members cast their vote and 2071 votes were cast.

The Elections Officers, on behalf of the president and Executive Committee of the European Optical Society, would like to thank all the candidates and to congratulate those who have been elected.

We would also like to thank all members who cast their vote from 15 June to 15 August 2010.

David Briers and Detlev Ristau
Election Officers, 2010 EOS Board Election