Infrared Imaging Components for Use in Automotive Safety Applications (ICU)

Area of relevance: 
1 May 2008 - 31 October 2010
ICU consortium: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Acreo AB, Infineon Technologies SensoNor AS, Autoliv Development AB, Umicore nv, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Funded by: 
European Commission, EU


An EU-sponsored consortium of industry and academia under the acronym of ”I CEE YOU” (ICU - Infrared Imaging Components for Use in Automotive Safety Applications) works on a low-cost sensor that will pick up images of pedestrians or animals crossing roads at night and transfer them to the drivers. The sensor will project the image onto the car’s front screen, so that it is immediately visible to the driver. The breakthrough is based on infrared imaging technology and captures the energy emitted by warm (living) objects which is independent of ambient light and temperature conditions. This solution will considerably reduce the death tolls and the numbers of injuries caused by motorised transport. It is therefore a first step towards a considerable reduction of the more than 50.000 traffic fatalities and the almost 2 million injuries in Europe yearly. In addition, this infrared imaging system will also enhance operations security of heavy duty vehicles, by surveying load carrying units of lorries and/or railcars, and also warehouses and other storage facilities. Although construction of the prototype will be quite challenging in terms of integration of several complex components, the multiple applications may lower the costs of production through mass fabrication.