Collaborative Research Centre SFB 622 “Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machines”

Area of relevance: 
1 July 2009 - 30 June 2013
TU Ilmenau
Funded by: 
German Research Foundation (DFG)


The goal of SFB 622 involves the formulation of the scientific fundamentals for technological apparatus allowing the positioning, contact, measurement, analysis, modification and manipulation of three-dimensional object in the volume range up to 450 mm x 450 mm x 80 mm with nanometre precision. In order to achieve this goal, sophisticated theoretical and experimental investigations must be performed into innovative components and into the entire behaviour of nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machines. The goals can only be effectively achieved through optimal collaboration between different scientific fields, such as metrology, measurement engineering, nanoanalytics, actuator technology, mechanics, optics, electronics, design, materials engineering, control engineering and signal processing technology.