NANOGNOSTICS - Quantum Dot-Based Highly Sensitive Immunoassays for Multiplexed Diagnostics of Alzheimer’s Disease

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1 October 2009 - 30 September 2012
Fraunhofer IAP
Funded by: 
European Commission, EU


6.1 million people currently live with a form of dementia in the European Union with an addition of 1.4 million new cases every year. Combination of psychological testing, brain-imaging and exclusion of other neurological disorders makes the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease complicated and time consuming (taking up to 20 months). A rapid, sensitive and specific immunoassay for protein markers inside blood would largely improve early diagnosis and lead to a better treatment of dementia. NANOGNOSTICS strives for a profound understanding of FRET using semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots), the synthetic creation of highly efficient quantum dot immune sensors for detection of several Alzheimer-specific protein markers and the development of a modular point-of-care to high-throughput-screening immuno analyzer for the integration of quantum dot-based multiplexing immunoassays into early diagnosis for improved patient outcome in dementia therapy. WEBSITE: