Calcium Fluoride _CaF2 material and optics

Calcium Fluoride shows good optical and thermo-mechanical properties. It is widely used as optical windows, lenses, and prisms in 0.13μm-9.0μm. For its optical isotropy low absorption and low refractive index CaF2 has found unique advantages in high power laser and UV laser optics.

BGRI supply CaF2 growth rod, polishing dics, coating service and assembly IR windows.
CaF2 optics:  plano-convex/concave lens, bi-convex/concave lens; windows.
material can be of monocrystalline (single crystal) or polycrystaline (multi-crystal), the largest monocrystaline CaF2   is Diameter 170.00mm at present. BGRI divide the CaF2 optics into two polishing level, precision polishing and commerical polishing.

precision best polishing level:

S-D: 10-5; Fringes: 1/10 lambda: parallelism: 30 arc sec

commerical polishing level:

S-D: 80-50: Fringes: 3(1): parallelism: 3 arc min

Here are some mass level polishing price refer from BGRI of IR grade.
Dia5.0*1.0mm, USD $1.2/ea for 3000pcs|
Dia6.35*1.0mm, USD $1.2/ea for 3000pcs
Dia8.0*1.0mm, USD $1.25/ea for 3000pcs
Dia12.7*1.0mm, USD $1.35/ea for 3000pcs
Dia19*1.0mm, USD $3.0/ea for 3000pcs
Dia25.1*1.0mm, USD $4.0/ea for 3000pcs
Dia80*5.0mm,  USD $72.0/ea for 3000pcs.

other size, and specification are also ok according to customer required.