SMETHODS - Training domain 2: Design and optimisation of non-imaging optical systems

Madrid, Spain
18 June 2012 - 23 June 2012

SMETHODS is a FP7 funded support action which organises trainings in optical design. The participation in the training sessions is free for everybody – although priority is given to employees of small and medium sized European enterprises (SMEs). This recently started programme aims to strengthen Europe's optics and photonics industry by providing trainings and hands-on practice in optical design and simulation.

Training domain 2: Design and optimisation of non-imaging optical systems

Purpose: Hands-on training in design and optimisation of optical non-imaging systems supported by a theoretical introduction. At the end of the session, trainees will be able to specify light sources and optical components for illumination systems, energy concentration systems, light coupling and other non-imaging optics. They will have a good understanding of the applicable physical limitations and a personal experience in the use of at least one of the relevant software tools.

Target Group: SME employees, employees of other enterprises who need capabilities in optical design for non imaging systems.

Basic knowledge of geometrical optics and final year level in a bachelor degree in physics or related disciplines. Technically skilled personnel with a professional experience in a photonics and/or physical instrumentation context are also welcome to apply.

Training domain coordinator:
Dr P. Benitez (UPM) Associate coordinators: Dr Y. Meuret (VUB), Prof.  I. Livshits (ITMO).

Registration deadline: 4 May, 2012
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Domain 2: Non-imaging optics
Prof. Pablo Benitez (UPM)
phone: +34 91 336 4506
Prof. Juan Carlos Miñano
phone: +34 91 336 4507

Contacts & Support:
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Name: Nathalie Debaes
phone: +32 2 629 10 18

Project coordinator:
Delft University of Technology
Name: H.P. Urbach
fax: : +31-(0)15-27-88105