Pacer Adds Variable Focus Liquid Polymer Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers from Optotune to Optics Portfolio

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pacer Adds Variable Focus Liquid Polymer Lenses and Laser Speckle Reducers from Optotune to Optics Portfolio

March 2012: Pacer has signed an agreement with Swiss company Optotune to distribute their adaptive, polymer based optics.

Based on an innovative, award winning technology, Optotune components can significantly reduce the size and complexity of optical systems used in imaging, lighting and laser delivery applications.

A pioneer in adaptive optics, Optotune has developed a range of fast, electrically or manually tunable optical devices. Soft polymer-based materials are used to overcome the limits of hard glass and plastic components, providing a smart, low cost, high quality alternative to traditional optics. The range of focus tunable lenses and laser speckle reducers has applications including machine vision, lighting, laser processing, ophthalmology, microscopy and laser projection.


About Optotune |

Optotune®, Inc, develops and manufactures adaptive optical components based on elastic polymers. Optotune’s focus-tunable lenses and laser speckle reducers offer new solutions for several industries including mobile phone cameras, machine vision, laser processing, professional lighting and laser projection

Optotune has developed and patented a technology that enables a series of adaptive optical elements imitating the principle of the human eye. These optical components are deformed by so-called artificial muscles (electroactive polymers, or EAPs). This tunability provides an additional degree of freedom, allowing significant simplification of many existing optical systems. For instance, the continuously adjustable focus tunable lens facilitates optical zoom and autofocus for cameras of any size with no moving parts. This minimizes the size, weight and power consumption while offering better robustness.

Founded in 2008 near Zurich, Switzerland, Optotune's goal is to establish adaptive polymer based optics as a smart, low-cost, yet high-quality alternative to traditional optics.


About Pacer International |

Pacer International is a specialist supplier of optoelectronic components and assemblies, LEDs, sensors, detectors, information displays, optics, laser components and systems, imaging solutions and spectrometers.

Pacer own-brand products include optoelectronic modules and displays. Pacer offers customised solutions and full design and manufacturing services  to customers. The company also provides comprehensive distribution of components, displays and systems, through strategic partnerships with principal suppliers.

Established in 1988, Pacer has headquarters in Newbury, Berkshire, UK with US headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida