Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Feedthroughs have been produced by Diamond for twenty years using a proven epoxy sealing technology. Diamond has standardized this sealing process and is now offering an off-the-shelf solution for the Vacuum Feedthroughs.     Diamond offers V-FT’s based on a standard ConFlat (CF) flange,( DN16 size, OD 40mm). These flanges can be used with rubber seals for High Vacuum, or with one-time-use copper seals for Ultra-High Vacuum. Thanks to the MAS universal flange, most of the optical connectors can be mounted on the atmospheric side. Whereas on the vacuum side, due to the environment limitations, only the following connectors are available; AVIM, Mini-AVIM, FC, DMI, DIN (LSA).


  • Low leak rate at wide temperature range                                                                    
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Fiber type independent
  • Compatible with all Optical Interfaces
  • Wide range of mechanical interface
  • Wide range of flange accessories
  • Semiconductor Vacuum chamber
  • Space pressurized vessels
  • Vacuum fiber qualification
  • Nuclear plant