Stereology Workshop at the Institute of Anatomy

University of Bern, Switzerland
17 August 2015 - 21 August 2015

X International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine

CNR-Institue of Photonics, Padova, Italy
15 June 2015 - 19 June 2015


The International Workshop on Adaptive Optics for Industry and Medicine provides scientists and engineers from both industry and academia with opportunities to explore recent developments, current practices and future trends in adaptive optics and related fields. The workshop will run from 15th-19th June 2015. An introductory short course on adaptive optics will be given.

FIAT LUX Conference

Sapienza - Università di Roma, Italy
3 June 2015 - 5 June 2015


In the common language light means knowledge: “I had a lightning”! In nature, light has a larger dimension, regrouping together three main functionalities: light means energy, light means information, light means also time rhythm. All of them are somehow different expressions of “knowledge”: getting information and communicate means in fact to know the surrounding, acquire energy from such knowledge and start associated actions. Physics and metaphysics have always analysed the surrounding nature from points of view which might be different but never opposite. FIAT LUX wants to be the place where scientists philosophers and theologians will get together to discuss on the same topics, trying to find similar languages and common understanding.

Photonics21 Student Innovation Award 2015

Application per E-Mail
31 January 2015
Submission Timeframe: 
1 January 2015 - 31 January 2015

For the sixth time the ETP Photonics21 announces the Photonics21 Student Innovation Award. The prize will be handed over in the frame of the Photonics21 Annual Meeting on the 29th of May 2015.


The Research, Education and Training work group of the Photonics21 Technology Platform has established a prize for students in the field of photonics in order to promote research in photonics especially related to R&D with industrial impact.

Any person under 35 and active in the field of optics and photonics may apply for the Photonics21 Student Innovation Award. The award consists of a certificate, a trophy as well as a cash prize of € 5,000.

The International Optical Seminar OS-2015

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
18 May 2015 - 21 May 2015

OS-2015 is held by ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Main audience of OS-2015 includes experts and researchers in optical engineering and optical design as well as young scientists and students.

International School on Parametric Nonlinear Optics: Classical, Quantum, Materials, Geometries, Devices and Applications

Les Houches, France
20 April 2015 - 1 May 2015


This international school mainly reserved for PhD students and postdocs deals with various aspects of parametric nonlinear optics: classical and quantum pictures, geometries, materials, devices and applications. The aim is to bring to the attendees the concepts and basic modelling of parametric interactions as well as the latest theoretical and experimental advances in the field.

Northern Optics & Photonics 2015 (NOP 2015)

Lappeenranta, Finland
2 June 2015 - 4 June 2015


In the International Year of Light and Light-Based Technologies 2015 it is our great pleasure to organize the next edition in the series of Northern Optics conferences that brings together optical scientists from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The previous meetings were held in Uppsala (2000), Espoo (2003), Bergen (2006), Vilnius (2009), and Helsingor (2012). Northern Optics & Photonics 2015 (NOP 2015) will be arranged on 2-4 June 2015 near the city of Imatra (but in Lappeenranta region) in South-Eastern Finland, a 2.5 hour train trip from Helsinki. The conference venue is the spa resort Holiday Club Saimaa by the beautiful lake Saimaa with attractive free-time activities.

6th International Conference on Optical Communication Systems (OPTICS 2015)

Colmar, Alsace, France
20 July 2015 - 22 July 2015


EOS conferences at the World of Photonics Congress 2015 (WPC2015)

MUNICH ICM International Congress Centre Munich, Germany
22 June 2015 - 25 June 2015
Submission Timeframe: 
17 October 2014 - 1 March 2015

EOS Conferences are held under the umbrella of the World of Photonics Congress 2015, the leading international congress for optical technologies in Europe (21-25 June 2015).  

3rd EOS Conference on Optofluidics (EOSOF 2015)

MUNICH ICM International Congress Centre Munich, Germany
22 June 2015 - 23 June 2015

EOS Conferences are held under the umbrella of the World of Photonics Congress 2015, the leading international congress for optical technologies in Europe (21-25 June 2015).


  • General Chair: Demetri Psaltis, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (CH)
  • Co-chair: Andreas Vasdekis, University of Idaho (US)

Program Committee

  • Aram Chung, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (US)
  • Anders Kristensen, Technical University of Denmark (DK)
  • Uriel Levy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (IL)
  • Zhenyu Li, George Washington University (US)
  • Timo Mappes, Carl Zeiss AG (DE)
  • Holger Schmidt, UC Santa Cruz (US)

Invited Speakers (list to be completed)

  • Yves Bellouard, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)
  • Dieter Braun, LMU (DE)
  • Etienne Brasselet, Université de Bordeaux, CNRS (FR)
  • David Erickson, Cornell University (US)
  • Pietro Ferraro, CNR- Applied Sciences & Intelligent Systems (IT)
  • Silvain Gigan, Universite Piere et Marie Curie (FR)
  • A. Q. Liu, Nanyang Technological University (SG)
  • Christopher Moser, EPFL (CH)
  • Aydogan Ozcan, UCLA (US)
  • David Sinton, University of Toronto (CA)
  • Kevin Braeckman, Ghent University (BE)
  • Changhuei Yang, Caltech (US)

Submissions are encouraged in the following areas
(topics include but are not limited to):
Optofluidic principles, applications and technologies for:
sensors, light sources, microscopy, tweezers, non-linear optics
Handheld Devices
microscopes, sensors, diagnostics
Energy – Environment
photobioreactors, optofluidics of plants
Transport – Technology
mass transport, microfluidics, microfabrication, computational methods
Hybrid Integration
microfluidics, electronics, waveguides, SERS substrates, applications
Soft Matter
liquid crystals, vesicle photonics
Medicine and Biology
diagnostics, spectroscopy, single cell methods, drug delivery
industrial applications and related technologies


The EOS Conference on Optofluidics has been a success from the start, with participation from the leaders in the optofluidics community from all around the world. The 3rd EOSOF will build on this, involving experts from the industrial and academic research sectors and explore the latest developments in the field of optofluidics.

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